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Motherlode.TV Lands At Norwood Space Center

Motherlode.TV Lands At Norwood Space Center

(Norwood, Massachusetts) Motherlode.TV has officially opened its new headquarters at The Norwood Space Center (NSC). The Motherlode team joins The David Bieber Archives, Percival Brewing Company (Dot Ale) and Planet Self Storage as the newest tenants at the sprawling newly renovated 300,000 square foot campus. The NSC has just entered the second phase of a eight million dollar rollout dedicated to the arts and innovation. The project is true to the spirit of Norwood, Massachusetts which was the home to world renowned players in the world of publishing and played an interesting role in the Arts & Crafts movement at the turn of the 20th century. The Space Center remains true to the heritage of this Massachusetts town which was the home to major technology industries throughout the 1900s during the race to space. Norwood Space Center On Facebook


(Norwood, Massachusetts - January 6, 2017) Motherlode.TV is a curated media portal created to accompany the online web series "Searching For The Motherlode" which will begin streaming in the fall of 2017.

As a young teenager, Chuck White was approached by a dirty old man on Commercial Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts and asked if he tricked. "You mean like cartwheels?" Chuck replied in all his naivete. Not in his wildest imagination would he ever have thought that he would one day become one of the East Coast's premier circus performers mastering death defying feats and showcasing his amazing flexibility skills.

He retired from the circus in late 2012 to pursue his dream of leading a multimedia company.

White's dream project, Searching For The Motherlode (SFTM), is now into its fourth year of development with exciting news to report regarding its current status and its evolution. Searching For The Motherlode (SFTM) was a TV concept built upon the premise that American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, The X Factor were for entertainment purposes only and would never actually produce much of anything with a shelf life. There seemed to be a void in network television programming and the music industry that could be filled by a TV show such as SFTM. There is another Bob Dylan out there somewhere. There might be an audience out there that is genuinely interested in something a little deeper than Clay Aiken.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Instead of holding cattle call auditions ala American Idol, Chuck and a couple of his music industry friends would drop unannounced into cool music scenes around the USA, outside of NY, LA, Miami or Nashville, and find undiscovered talent in their comfort zones and share their discoveries with the rest of the world. If any of these discoveries were to resonate with the audience at large they would in fact have found the Motherlode. The viewing audience would join them week after week to in suspense to see if they succeeded or failed.

With the ever shifting sands of four years time, the television game has changed as major players are now developing projects with their eye on the future of the internet and smart phone technology and the convergence of television and computer monitors. HBO's future business model is based upon streaming, not cable TV which is where Motherlode.TV comes in.

Motherlode.TV is a 21st century multimedia business model that incorporates all of the essential, original ideas of STFM and creates an opportunity to move forward without the support of a television network. One day these two worlds may join forces. In the meanwhile, by developing Motherlode.TV, the project is moved out of analysis paralysis and allows SFTM to become proactive. More importantly this allows the idea of what Motherlode is to become a lifestyle brand. By populating the website with content that celebrates the lives and events of true artists of all disciplines (music, art. theatre, writing) from the past and present, the website in turn has become a foundation for artists poised for making legitimate contributions to the future.

This is the proof of concept shot in Portland, Maine in 2013. The reel is unpublished though stored via YouTube.

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