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Sia Furler - Colour The Small One

SIA (1975 - )


Sia first came to attention in the US when the song "Breathe Me" was used as the closing theme song for HBO's Six Feet Under.. The album was originally released abroad in 2004 but rereleased in 2006 in the States.

Deeply moving.

Profoundly melancholy.

A beauty to behold.

52 minutes later it feels like you've just made it through your toughest therapy session to date and they've finally figured out what's wrong with you. Taps the same emotion as a Johnny Cash-NIN cover.

By 2004, Sia had already evolved into new vocal stylings leaving behind the crumbs on the trail so people like Amy Winehouse could follow her home. With Sia's effortless but fragile vocals harmonizing in layers upon layers of multiple tracking.

The beats are modern like she was tinkering around with Acid and Fruity Loops for a stark Portishead-Massive Attack-lite feel but the instrumentation is from a different era beckoning Tim Hardin 1, Neil Young's After The Gold Rush or a Bobbie Gentry wind down. Vibraphones, mouth organs, harps, dulcimers, strings and acoustic guitars. "The Bully" is co-written with Beck.


Sia Furler's recent comeuppance with the 2014 hit "Chandelier" was by no means some overnight success. It was a long way to the top. She comes the land down under where she cut her teeth in funk, acid jazz and trip hop circles in the late 1990s before migrating to the UK. She began appearing British charts in Y2K. Listen to her 2001 Hit "Taken For Granted" and you can hear why Ms. Winehouse loved her so. Around the time of the original 2004 Colour The Small One release, Sia landed in NYC.

"Chandelier" has 300 million views but she was collaborating on innovative videos a full decade earlier.


  • Rewrite
  • Sunday
  • Breathe Me
  • The Bully
  • Sweet Potato
  • Don't Bring Me Down
  • Natale´s Song
  • Butterflies
  • Moon
  • The Church Of What's Happening Now
  • Numb
  • Where I Belong

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